Indian Paneer

“You have to TASTE a culture to understand it”

(Deborah Carter)

Produced in Schleswig Holstein

Our Story began in 2016, when we moved to Kiel, Germany from India and we realized, many people are fond of Indian Food but are unable to find good Authentic Indian Products in the market. That’s how the idea clicked and we started manufacturing Authentic Indian products with local ingredients. So the idea was, produce local but in an authentic way.

“Real Food doesn’t have ingredients. Real food is INGREDIENTS”

(Jamie Oliver)

Starting a business in a foreign land and not knowing their language was bit of a struggle. Also, It was indeed a big risk, because the products are new for German Markets and very few people have tried these products before.
However, we did invest our time and effort to create something as Authentic as we can to offer that unforgettable experience to the customers.

About Us

Kaurs is a young company established in 2017, in Kiel Germany. Kaurs strives to be the pioneer Indian Food Brand in Germany. We believe that Good Food is not complicated masterpieces, its all about fresh ingredients combined together to create a perfect soul food.

“A recipe has no soul, YOU AS THE COOK, must bring soul to the recipe”

Thomas Keller