About Us

“You have to TASTE a culture to understand it”

                                                                                                                                         – (Deborah Carter)
Maneet Kaur (Founder)

Our story began in 2017 when we moved to Kiel, Germany from India. We realized we cant find the authentic Indian Paneer in the German Supermarkets. Many of our friends also were fond of Paneer but couldn’t find it anywhere. That’s how the idea clicked and in collaboration with the local farmers in Schleswig Holstein, we started producing Paneer.

Starting a business in a Foreign Land and not knowing their language was definitely one of the major struggles. And Paneer, being a completely new product for the German Market, it was a huge risk. But we overcame our fears and launched our product in the year 2018.

Thanks to our very supportive German Buyers and Production Partners who not only accepted the product to keep it at their stores but also guided us to market our product well for the German consumers.

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