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Paneer Brot

Busy Day? Didn’t get time for breakfast? Here is your quick recipe for your daily dose of Paneer Mix some salt, spices and herbs of choice with KAURS PANEER, scrambled ...
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Paneer Butter Masala

Calories DON’T count on the weekend. Give yourself a treat! Add butter into your pan and saute some ginger and garlic along with chopped onions. Wait until it turns golden ...
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Grilled Paneer Tikka

Happiness is BBQ, Friends and KAURS PANEER. Well you don’t have to wait for a bright sunny day to enjoy Grilled Paneer Tikka. Grill or pan fry it anytime anywhere ...
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Cold and Warm Paneer Salad- For Lazy Sundays

For Cold Beetroot and Paneer Salad- Mix beetroots, Dil, Fresh Basil leaves and Kaurs Paneer in a bowl. Add your favouire dressing and top it up with some walnuts for ...
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